Flying Colors


Dare I say that it is already April?! My oh my, I hate to be one of unoriginal sayings but MAN! Where did March go? Where did February go? It feels like only yesterday I was starting my first day as an Esthiology FP (Future Professional) at Aveda! And that was back in January! I am undeniably proud to say that I have passed my Earth Phase with flying colors (A-) and KICKED. MY. FINAL’S. ASS!! Wooooo~! If you know me then you are aware of my previous history with academics so this is a major accomplishment for me! My Estie (Esthetician) class of eight have now hit clinic floor and officially started our Water Phase. We are now gaining the experience of what it’s like to be a real esthetician by providing real services for real people. Of course, as we continue to learn we willstill require model days but other than that we’re giving facials, back treatments, waxing, lash and brow tinting, manicures and pedicures while incorporating Aveda Spa Rituals and massaging techniques! I am SO excited! Just the other day my sister-in-law, and good friend, called me up to inquire how to improve her skin care regimen which totally brightened up my day! THAT’S what I have to look forward to. And THAT’S one of the many reasons why I’m doing this– to have my friends and family and PEOPLE looking to me for their skin care advice and needs! It makes me all the more motivated to keep on this track of education and all the more determined to reaching that finish line and acquiring my license and certification to be an Esthetician! I know I’ve said it many times over but I simply cannot wait to come back home to California and bring with me all the knowledge I’ve learned and implement it all into a successful and satisfying career!

Sunday is our Trashion Show and Friday our H20 Fashion show at the Aveda Institute in Provo! Check out my previous posts to learn more on why these events are so important! And if you’re anywhere near Provo, UT call the Aveda Institute in Provo at 801-375-1501 and if you **pre-book with me for a Thursday your service will be 50% off!! How cool is that?** Look to the following photos to see what services we offer. The ones highlighted in yellow are the ones I can currently perform! (I can also give the Elemental Back Treatment, for some reason it wasn’t highlighted in this photo.)




Walk for Water – AIP

1621701_596047847151855_493538253_nIt’s been a pretty eventful week this passed week! We learned the full Aveda service for mani and pedi protocols on Wednesday and then our entire school ran a 3k for Walk for Water! It was actually loads of fun considering how out of shape I am and the fact that I haven’t done anything cardio in over a year! I surprised myself though. I balanced myself between running and power walking and I finished third in my class and our team was the first to finish! So even though there’s a clear bulge in my tummy (as so clearly seen in the above photo) I think I demonstrated decent stamina! I’m quite proud of myself! LOL. It was quite liberating, too, once I finished and I didn’t feel burn out or exhausted as I thought I would! I could tell I didn’t drink enough water, though because I got a headache later in the day. (And then my hips, thighs, feet, and shins all started hurting the next day and I’m still a little sore today, ha! Totally worth it, though!)

So you’re probably wondering why my school decided to do a 3k for this “Walk for Water” I previously mentioned. If you’ve read my previous post then you already know.. BUUUT if you’re just joining in on the fun let me briefly fill you in. We’re basically raising awareness for the water epidemic that people don’t really know is happening in their own backyard. Sure we’re also selling candles where the proceeds will go to Global Green Grants Fund to provide water for third world countries such as India. This year, our Light the Way candles ($12) will be providing a small town in India (I forgot the name, I’m sorry!) with CLEAN, FRESH water! ONE-HUNDRED PERCENT of the proceeds will be going to this fund. We’re also trying to bring awareness to the water situation in our own country, the United States. Believe it or not, we have a problem of our own. And EVERY day it goes unnoticed. My school set up a fundraiser on specifically targeting the water issue surrounding the Colorado River. I’m not going to take up too much time explaining but PLEASE take the time to read my previous post to find out more. Just know that the Colorado River is what provides water to SEVEN STATES and it’s DRYING up at an increasing rate every day! SO PLEASE, PLEASE refer to my previous post to learn more and find out what YOU can do to help!

Earth to Water

First off, let me apologize for skipping out on posts for these passed THREE Saturday’s! I am sooo sorry! I’ve been super busy with school and preoccupied with Noah being sick and overall it’s all just been an overwhelming last few weeks. That being said, all is well with me and mine now and I pray that you all are doing great too!


My class is coming to its end in its Earth phase with the stress waves of finals rolling in. There’s so much crucial information to learn/memorize — I never knew there was so much medical terminology! But it makes sense since estheticians work with the skin. In a couple of weeks the girls in my class and I will finally be on clinic floor providing services for actual guests and gaining the experience of what it’s like to actually be real estheticians. I can’t wait! I truly feel that I will thrive in this phase (Water Phase) of our curriculum because it’s more hands on than theory. As of right now, Earth Phase consists of mostly theory days (book work) which can be quite exhausting for ten-hour school days. That’s not to say that standing on my feet for ten hours won’t be exhausting but I honestly feel it will suit me better. I know I’ve said this before but I honestly can’t wait to graduate and become a certified licensed esthetician! I’m so excited to see where this career will take me, both location-wise and profession-wise. There’s SO much one could do with Esthetics and I really want to try my hand at it all! Even medical (even if it is short-lived since my heart is more in the spa side of esthetics.) Ultimately, when Noah’s old enough to be on his own, I’d like to pursue a career as a Spa Reviewer! Until then, I just want to accumulate as much experience I can in various spas throughout California. I’d love to wind up in the San Diego County area if I can but it really depends on where God places Aaron too. We shall see!

Now, on to slightly more pressing matters!! EARTH MONTH 2014!!!


People REALLY don’t know how incredibly bad and scary it is at how endangered our water supply is! The Colorado River provides water to not one but SEVEN states in the Western Region of the United States and it’s running dry. That’s 36,000,000 Americans who require water. In 2013 the Colorado River was named the most endangered river in the United States! Can you believe it?! It is essentially the lifeline of the west and simply put, our way of life. In Utah, each person uses 245 GALLONS of water EACH day! Crazy!! Compare THAT to the rest of the world — Japan: 100 gallons, China: 80 gallons, France: 76 gallons, Germany: 51 gallons, England: 39 gallons. Where is that water being used? The average faucet: 3 gallons per minute, average dishwasher: 15 gallons per load, average shower: 7 gallons per minute (7 gallons of water times ten minute showers, times 7 showers per week is 490 gallons of water!), average washing machine: 40 gallons per load, average toilet: 7 gallons of water per flush — and that’s NOT just the water we use in our homes. It takes water to produce EVERYTHING. Food, clothes, and other daily items. An apple requires 18.5 gallons to produce, your lattes: 53 gallons to produce, paper requires 80 gallons to produce, a pair of jeans: 1,800 gallons to produce, and lb of beef requires 1,850 gallons of water to produce. And these are just the little things! Farmers need water for livestock, energy production also requires the use of water, and extreme temperatures evaporate water straight out of the river.

To protect our rivers & lakes and sustain wildlife and defend the beautiful landscapes– from Colorado to Arizona, across Nevada, Utah, Wyoming and New Mexico– we have to work together! Here’s how you can help! My school, Aveda Institute Provo is working together with Western Resource Advocates to raise money for clean water! Western Resource Advocates specifically focuses on benefiting the Colorado River, thus your/our donations are going straight to your/our own backyard!! Are you aware that a simple donation of $10 can go a LONG way? It provides 300 people with clean water, removes over 450 tons of industrial waste out of the Great Salt Lake!! It also helps provide education on water conservation, water quality monitoring that protects drinking water for over 700 families! Your $10 will help keep 2 million gallons of water in the Colorado River!

Here’s how to donate! Go to our fundraiser on and make sure you are donating to Aveda Institute Provo. Click, “Donate to this fundraiser” and select “Priscilla Torrance” as  the person you’re sponsoring — selecting someone to sponsor isn’t required but it certainly helps me out a little 😉 Then just put how much you want to donate, $10 being the minimum, and whether or not you’d like to have your name on our wall of donatees and a message if you want. When you’re all done just click “donate” and enter your card information! It’s that easy!


Now if you’re feeling EXTRA generous! Or don’t feel comfortable making a donation via online but still want to help, Aveda Salons, Institutes, etc. are also selling “Light the Way” candles for $12 where 100% of the proceeds will be going to the Global Greengrants Fund to help protect and provide clean water in countries like India! 😀 Feel free to watch the short video below if you’d like! The candles come in 90% post-consumer recycled paper, a portion of which is made from reclaimed carton stock. 🙂 Over the last 7 years, Light the Way candles have provided over $7.6 million to aid Global Greengrants fund hundreds of water projects like the one in India which has helped the same children who inspired the artwork for this years Light the Way candle boxes. 🙂 The scent is organic ginger and ginger lily from India– these candles smell soooooo wonderful and are soy wax based so they’re not harmful to the environment. 🙂 For more info on how to help please visit! ❤

Can’t Into Can


Last Saturday (2/8) I gave my first 60 min. Elemental Nature Facial to a model guest. I have to tell you that prior to, I was completely stressing out and nervous, afraid that I would mess up or not do well. However, when it finally came down to it, I completely surprised myself. I had this confident attitude that I wasn’t expecting to have and everything went SMOOTHLY. I actually remembered all the steps to the relaxing massage portion of the facial and was only twenty minutes over my time. And the best part was my guest actually bought product! Less than halfway through the service I just knew inside that I got this! It was great! That’s not to say that I was perfect or anything, but for my first time I’d say I’d done fairly well. Overall I can say that I am quite proud of myself! 😀 This upcoming Saturday (2/15) is our second model service and we’re doing makeup applications which I feel is waaay easier than a 60 min. facial! So I’m not too worried except for the fact that my model is a young woman who answered my Craigslist ad and I’m just slightly afraid that she’ll flake on me. *Praying that she doesn’t!* And next Saturday (2/22) we’re doing a waxing service on our third models. School’s been great! And I’ve actually got a grade point average of 96.2%!! Which is AWESOME for me because I’ve never really gotten high grades in my entire life! Ha! Well, that’s not entirely true. I did get an “A” in Theater in H.S. and an “A” in English in College but I never was a really good student. I hate homework and studying and just the dogmatic authority some teachers had who didn’t genuinely care about their students (high school). That’s not to say that I wasn’t smart or anything, I was simply lazy and didn’t care. (Shame on me.) Clearly it’s different now. I still have a hard time getting myself to concentrate on studying or completing homework assignments. It may take me forever to get them done BUT they DO GET DONE. And the school year has just been FLYING by SO fast, I am blown away at how quickly we’re coming to a close in our “Earth Phase” portion of our education. Next month we’re starting “Water Phase” where we’ll actually be one clinic floor giving services to actual guests! Not models! Crazy! I just KNOW that, God willing, I’m gonna make it! I can just see it, I’m actually going to make it that finish line. I’m gonna graduate from Aveda and I’m going to pass my state boards and I’m going to just MAKE it. I can’t wait to cross that finish line. I can’t wait to share this success with my family and I can’t wait to finally be proud of myself for actually accomplishing something. And above all, I can’t wait to finally be home permanently with my little boy, the love of my life! I owe it all to the good Lord for taking ever such good care of me and my family and showing us the way. THANK YOU, LORD! I couldn’t have and never would’ve done any of this w/out you!!

शिक्षा – Siksa

I love hands-on activities. I feel I’ve always learned best by watching something be done and then practicing it myself. Upon first enrolling  at Aveda, I dreaded the fact that class would be ten hours long. After having been there a month I find that there are simply not enough hours in the day. Time passes ever so quickly and as they say, “Time flies when you’re having fun.” Every day I am convinced more and more that I’ve made the right choice in coming here. I enjoy the hands on learning and practice. I like that Aveda incorporates massaging techniques into their esthetic services. Even more so, I truly love the holistic approach. I love learning about essential oils and their botanical benefits on the body. I love that there are no harsh chemicals in any of the Aveda products. I get excited when I think about all the healing I could give to people and I can’t wait to just soak up all this information I’m being given and take it with me in wherever my career path leads– in wherever God places me.

As excited as I am, though, it doesn’t mean it’s all play and no work. There’s so much rich knowledge that is crucial to remember and I have a hard time memorizing all of it. And there’s usually a test every week. But the homework, or “Homeplay” as they like to call it, helps me to retain the information a little easier . We’re at a point where it’s time we utilize the information we’ve learned and apply it to actual people. For the next four Saturday’s we will be practicing these techniques on models. I’m so nervous and even a little afraid to be giving my first 60 minute facial on a real guest! Thankfully, we’ve practiced several times on each other and every step we’ve learned in the Elemental Nature Facial are on videos that have been uploaded to our iPads. (Every student recieves an iPad with all their books on it which is included in their student kits, how awesome is that?)


Falling Into Place

I have just been SO amazed at how God has been continuing to provide for me and my family. I remember the thought of putting off school weighing heavily in the back of my mind as the orientation date approached. Now three months later, those worries I’ve once had have blown away in the wind. Aveda has been more than good for me. I’m surround by a great group of young women with similar interests and beliefs to my own who genuinely care about people and each other– it has just blown me away and continues to do so. The kindness that I’ve been shown has been somewhat foreign to me too but I love and welcome it. Coming from a gang infested and high crime city, I’ve found that California and Utah have a different breeds of people, so-to-speak. and i suppose that’s true for anywhere, really. But I grew up in a city where people aren’t so nice and are rude and misleading. Before moving to Provo I was so accustomed to a life of not trusting people. I needed to be reminded that people CAN be good. I needed to be reminded that people CAN be nurturing. I needed to be reminded that people CAN be genuine, selfless, and loving. For the first time in a long time, I can feel my mind-set changing and molding from the negative and destructive one I’ve lived with so long to a positive one. I can feel my confidence slowly lighting up and I’m becoming more social. I’ve been “gone” for so long that it feels good to finally be finding myself again. And I can see my future being painted before me with bright, vibrant, beautiful colors. My inner voice still gets afraid and nervous from time to time but it’s so much more different than how it was a month ago. Words cannot express how incredibly happy I am that I didn’t give up on myself or my dream. Sure it’s been difficult being away from my son and husband four days out of the week, but everything continues to fall into place and it has been nothing but a blessing with the extraordinary people God has placed in my life. Without really knowing them I feel like I am already incredibly close to them and I think that I’m just blessed. Had I waited to join the program I may have never have met these young women and probably would’ve really missed out on these amazing friendships that I’m creating.

School’s been pretty intense and the ten hours a day is a major adjustment but I’m learning A LOT of information. And for the first time I’m actually enjoying class and the days seem to just fly by incredibly fast. I can’t believe that January has already met its end but I’ve loved every minute of it. I scored 92% on my first test which helped me believe that maybe I really can do this. I know it was a pretty simple test but I’m someone who’s never really tested well nor cared for tests and school in general so seeing myself excel even a little bit makes me feel good about myself. In the bible, there’s a verse that goes somewhere along the lines of “iron sharpens iron” and I’m at a point in my life where I’m surrounded but all this positive energy and it inspires me to be just as positive and good too. I’m becoming more health conscious and finding myself caring more about the earth and energy and healing and it’s just all so beautiful. I just want to soak up all this knowledge and it makes me excited because I just can’t wait to share it with all my loved ones back at home. I can’t wait to bring this amazing gift back home to my friends and family.

Short & Sweet

I’ve been struggling to make entries twice a week like I had originally planned. School has become more intense and although I love it very much and am learning soooo much, it’s taking a lot of my time. And even though I have a little free time while I’m back home, I tend to spend every waking moment with my little boy, and deservedly so, since I don’t see him as much as I’d like to anymore. I’ve decided that I’m only going to post a new entry once a week and they will be ready for you to read every Saturday. I know this entry is kind of laaame and short and doesn’t really take any of you on my journey so I apologize. I’ve been very, very, very…. VERY sick lately and I’ve been doing my best to recover from that as well. But I promise I’ll have a nice long entry up on the blog soon enough! Thank you for being so patient with me and even more so for continuing to come back here and read my entries!!